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Bepanah 20th June 2018 written update

Rajveer kidnaps Zoya

In the latest episode of Bepanah 20th June 2018, Aditya meets everyone at the Eid bash. Aditya and Harsh get worried about Zoya and wonder if she will come to the party. The Siddiques arrive at the Hooda mansion for the Eid party and Anjana welcomes them. Harsh asks Aditya to keep Zoya busy as he wants to talk to Wasim. Arjun tries to talk to Noor, but she refuses to look at him. Zoya searches for Noor and sees Aditya walking towards her. She walks away from Aditya.

The latter talks to a guest and tells him why his family held the Eid bash. He says that someone had told him that ramzaan means forgetting the past and moving on. He looks at Zoya and she immediately remembers that she had told him the same thing. Aditya is unable to think of a way to stop Zoya. He finally goes on the stage and calls Zoya. He further asks her to accept his friendship. Zoya tells Aditya that she does not care about people and what they think, but she is concerned about the fact that Yash was proved a murderer in the court. Harsh takes Wasim to his room, and Zoya’s mother notices it. Aditya watches them go into a room and tries to stop Zoya. He forces her to dance with him. On the other side, Rajveer triggers the bomb and leaves the place. Zoya walks away from Aditya and Zoya’s mother tells her that Harsh has taken Wasim to a room. Zoya looks at Aditya and walks into the room. Harsh tells Wasim that he does not want Aditya and Zoya to face trouble times again.

Harsh then offers Wasim Rs. 5 crores for Zoya and tells him to keep the case shut and not reopen it. Zoya tears the cheque and says that Harsh cannot buy them. She says that she has decided she will reopen the case and walks off. Aditya apologizes to his father Harsh and even promises to make Zoya understand his point. Arjun meets the Siddiques and offers help to Zoya. Arjun says that he does not agree with his father.
Arjun asks Zoya to wait as he would do something for her that would be useful during the court proceedings. Rajveer talks to someone on the phone about the bomb and Zoya hears it. Rajveer kidnaps Zoya and Arjun thinks that Zoya went away. He takes back Pooja’s diary.
Aditya asks Arjun about Zoya. Even Noor starts searching for Zoya. Aditya. Zoya escapes and calls Aditya. Aditya sees her but before he can run to help her, Zoya is pulled into a van. It is Rajveer who takes her away.


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